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Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell spent their entire lives writing and speaking about this issue. What myth do I follow? In a secular world economy, science, technology, and the individual have made the Occidental and Eastern traditional myths irrelevant. They no longer serve as a guide on our personal mystical journey. Nor do current political structures separated from their originating mythical essence. (the hero turned autocrat) As Eckhart Tolle said, “All of these structures are crumbling, and it’s beautiful.” I cannot say it better than the Epilogue of The Hero of A Thousand Faces. This is a book that we should all read again in the context of what we see happening in the Middle East.

The search for a hero begins early in life and continues until you realize that you are the hero. Sometime after medical school I began reading biographies as a continued search for a hero figure. As my reading shifted to the metaphysical, I came to the realization that I am the hero of my own personal mythology. More importantly I am finding that my creativity is the ultimate recognition of this mystery, and expressing it brings the mystery to life.

We are witnessing a mythology unfolding in front of us and we are creating it. I had a discussion last night with some friends about anthropology and the functional unit of the hunter-gatherer tribe. Data suggests an optimal working group size of about 150. Tools like twitter and facebook Facebook have turned entire countries and diverse groups around the world into functional units that were geo-politically separate until now. These new functional units are now effecting change mysteriously out of thin air. The printing press, radio, and television all had similar impact. The Middle East was simply ripe for change.

We are effecting and witnessing the evolution of human mythology. I am the particle and we are the wave form and, we are individually and collectively observing the phenomenon we create. And, our observations further change our behavior. (Werner Heisenberg) This then feeds back on itself indefinitely. Quantum reality is the particle. Quantum myth is the wave form. Constant adaptation (evolution) is the natural law. There is no direction to this, nor end point. It is infinity.