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Speaking of Faith

I have mixed feelings on the weeks SOF. I feel that Ms. Tippet was not objective in her interview with Desmond Tutu. The fact that she put him on such a high horse, and was blaming the oppressed South African’s on “white people” was disturbing. The way she agreed on everything that Desmond Tutu said was almost sickening. Besides this, I believe that Desmond Tutu is a man of great faith.
The comments that Desmond had, which I shared in church tonight, saying “if they wanted to keep us down, they shouldn’t have given us the bible” and “that the bible was written for us for each individual situation in our lives”. The latter of these comments is so true in our lives. We can look to the bible for answers to questions in our lives like those in generations past. It is a timeless book of answers.
God is a God of surprises. Even if you know what he is capable of and what he can do for us, it is still a wonderful experience and an amazing thing to see when miracles are preformed in His name. It will surprise anyone, whether or not they believe in Him.