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I really found this to be an interesting piece to listen to since it was about Desmond Tutu and I grew up listening to his stories about his fight for his fight against apartheid and the liberation of the blacks from the whites in South Africa.
Desmond Tutu, is a great man and I wouldn’t disagree with the fact that the interviewer Krista Tippet agreed with him in every question he answered and did not challenge him on any of the questions, because when greatness stands in front of you, all you can do is stand in awe and listen and at the same time thinking of the great stories that accompanies that greatness in front of you.

In this article, he really showed his great trust and faith in God and it shows that before he carries out something, he always put God first. I also like when he said “Sexual orientation like racial equality is a human right.” This he shows and distinguishes himself from other men in high places who believe in God but still have misgivings towards one’s sexual orientation. Desmond Tutu shoed he does not have this misgivings and sees it as a human right.

I can tell you this article inpires me to continue to look to becoming great.