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Incredible and inspirational, Tutu is an incredible man with or without religion to sustain his work, and I think he gives too much credit to the Bible as a whole. There are many, many men who possess the Bible and know the scriptures like the lyrics to a favorite song, yet they do not accomplish anything in the larger scheme of life as Tutu did. The Bible was his awakening no one can argue that, but his actions lye in the strength of his character. This is evident in his continuing work; he has accomplished what he set out to do and yet continues his fight against inequality throughout the world. Tutu states “The Bible is specifically written for your situation”, that is undeniable to anyone with open eyes, but remains the reason Tutu still has a battle to fight. Oppressors can use the same piece of work Tutu uses to argue equality to dismiss Tutu’s claim. This book has been used to persuade humanity for millenniums, it has been manipulated to the extent that there is no longer right and wrong in the world,only a biblical take on an issue, precisely because of the earlier argument, for every verse in the Bible there is a verse to contradict it and man knows them all, so using the Bible as our influence is going to stall humanity at this point time. Do you think it is time to take Tutu’s insight of an equal humanity, past all religious barriers to where it can grow and prosper as a new human prophecy set forth by human compassion void of divine intervention?