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Listening to you and your guests enrich stimulate my imagination and enrich my life.
Today I listened to Krista ask Desmond Tutu about the effects of Truth and Reconcilliation. He described the profound emotions of both victims & perpetrators as they told and recognized that their (often secret) story was heard. He also spoke about this being a work in process. Pauses in the interview were filled with the harmony and rhythm of S. African music - the essence of what must be restored in healing trauma.
One area where it's absence is often obvious is when people with PTSD or secondary traumatization (compassion fatigue) tell their story. Healthy ways of telling one's traumatic story do not involve "spilling all the beans". Helping people to stay present to themselves, learning to recognize the physiological changes in breathing, tension, etc., as they tell their story is more healing than revealing the content.
Fragmented pieces of the story often surface & simply drop into place during the healing process as people become more attentive to their self care - to being- in present time.
Pat Ogden and Bessel van der Kolk are two people I have studied with who have had vast experiences in this field, that, in my experience, is the essence of healing trauma; the essence of peace. Thanks so much for your program.