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Love your show. However the show on December 9th with the chef thinker he proved himself to be a fraud. The statement he made that he charges a lot of money for food that looks on a plate more like your homeade chicken pot pie than haute cuisine was his downfall.

If I am going to pay a lot of money for dinner in a beautiful building in a pastoral setting the least he could do is make it look nice. This piling food on a plate and charging a high price for it without caring for its' presentation show his arrogance. Part of the experience of cooking and eating is enjoying how it looks on a plate.

I am a horticulturist and can tell you it does not cost a lot to grow good food in your own yard. The fact that he says we cannot grow our food is sad. No we cannot grow all the food we need nor we can we all afford to eat at his restaurant.

I do agree with his take on being in New England (which the lower Hudson Valley is not) you eat meat and being a vegetarian is not "footprint" friendly.

It is a shame he comes across so holier than thou. He could do a lot to assist the problem of good food
if he were not selling out by selling up to the rich.

Greg Draiss