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I grow a lot of my own food, organically. This effort is all about flavor, economy, and ecology. I also have a full-time job, and an ill husband. So this effort for me is also about health. We eat fruits and vegetables from our garden, as well as eggs from our chickens. My health has gotten so much better (since I gave up eating sugar and grains four years ago), and my husband's condition is stable.

The economy piece is that we can afford to pay the mortgage on our little farmstead, because we eat at home (we eat out maybe three times a year), I bring my lunch every single day to work, and we eat mostly organic food (raw milk, organic yoghurt, raw cheeses) which we purchase, so to grow our own fruits and vegetables we can afford to eat all these organically grown fruits and vegetables.

Ecology--I support using heirloom seeds, by buying most, and saving some of my own, to help keep the variety of seeds available, to support those who save seeds. I use compost with chicken manure to compost much of our food scraps and waste from the garden, and give the appropriate waste to the chickens.