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To me good food is real food. None of the highly processed food that comes in boxes or cans. I want my children to know that real food taste better, and looks real. I try to teach them that food does not grow in a box or a can, and here's what it looks and taste like before someone pulverizes and strips it of it nutritional value. My younger son is into it, my older son use to be, but the junk food options at his highschool are taunting him.

I choose organic because I believe our organic farmers are close to God. They have hands in the soil and are working with love to raise food that is not going to hurt the planet. Large agri-farms are creating a system that has poor fair trade implications to the organic family farmer. Large agri-farms produce food in mega batches and sell it for less. The small family farmer makes less food, but it's better. They get pressure to sell their crops for the same price as the agri-farms. It's scarry. I believe the USDA Dept of Ag does very little to support the small family farm, and is creating grants and programs that support the large agri-farms. What will we do if small family farms go away? That will be a sad day.

Perhaps you can interview George Simon. CEO of Organic Valley(or C.E.I.E.I.O. as he likes to be called) to bring more awareness to your listeners about this crisis. He is doing an impressive champaign to recruit farmers. Check it out at Organic Valley web site.

Thanks for your show. I love it.