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The first time I raised, butchered and ate my own Thanksgiving turkey was a real moment of truth for me. While I respect the choices that vegetarians make, I dont subscribe to the practice. But I believe our current industrial methods of raising animals is a horror. But were we just over-zealous Michael Pollan readers? Or did we really mean what we said. This was where the rubber met the road. As a combat veteran I never believed in letting other people do things for me that I was not willing to do myself.
So there we were, with our turkeys. We had raised them from tiny little fluffballs. Could we now kill them and eat them? I thought of all those turkeys in those factories, and did the deed. She had a great life, a sudden death, and a fine sending off.
Now we raise chicken, turkey and pork sustainably, gently and with love. We got a licence to sell our extras and feel really good about it. I have learned that feeling sad about killing an animal to eat it is totally natural and sign of respect and connection to what is on the plate. Its the taste of gratitude.