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Hi Krista and Co,

I LOVE Being and get up early on Sundays so I can listen to it. I love that your show makes me think and realize the world is a bigger place and think about good things I can do to help the world. Usually I am SO THRILLED with yr guests.

I tuned in a little late on the Dan Barber show, but I was very alienated by him. I thought yr guest was quite self-important. I'm writing to you to say I thought the guest was disappointing.

His comment that people spend 4 hrs on tv and 5 hrs on internet, so can find time to cook like him? I am a full-time Mom to 2 kids with special needs and I spend less than an hour per week on TV and approx 1/2 hr on business stuff on Internet per day. I try to feed my family well and cook as much as possible, but the family has real other needs such as homework and baths and basic care.

Also his comment re vegetarians--land in Texas might be good for cattle, but there are enough American meat eaters, that adding oneself in to the no. Is NOT doing the planet a service...

Spending the kind of time he advocates on food is a luxury. And I don't know that I would spend that time if I could--one of my ambitions is to get to spend some time feeding people at a homeless shelter and taking my oldest son ice skating. I thought his work sounded rather like the high fashion clothes world--it does serve a purpose in developing designs for the masses, but he is on the screaming upper-class pretentious fringes...

Agian, I did not manage to catch the whole show--maybe there is something I missed. If yes, I apologize! :-)

Thank you again for yr show. If I had more time, this e-mail would be briefer. :-)

Best Regards,

Connie Foster