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I Found it interesting listening to Dan Barber and thinking about how commercialized our food really is. We are no longer really getting something fresh from the supermarket because of how things are produced today. Your mood can dictate how you taste your food as well. When you feel better, and you are happier you will taste food in a way that you’ve never tasted before and will usually become more memorable. I too never really thought about how great it is to have fruit in the winter because of technology. We realistically should not be eating orange or lemon in Minnesota in the wintertime. Good food is not cheap, I like the example he uses about how we find 125 dollars for cable tv and we spend another 125 dollars for cell phones yet we don’t want to spend money on buy good foods, local foods. These things are produced with more care and have more flavor and nutrients then commercialized food. Its great how Dan Barber is using his own fa rms to help with research about how good food that is high in nutrients can also help to fight certain cancers.