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Good morning,
I thoroughly enjoyed your broadcast with Dan Barber, chef of Blue Hill NY/Stonebarns in Indianapolis today.
I have one bone to pick with an aspect of the rhetoric in his statement. I disagree with his statement that this movement of localism and eating fresh food is top or trickle down in its genesis. All we need to do is look at the plantation slave gardens which required slaves to work after servitude to be able to grow that which was familiar and nourishing of body, soul and the political construction of self determination in at least one aspect of their lives to see that this movement started at the bottom; albeit without a publicist. Moving forward, I have shopped in immigrant farmer's markets for over thirty years, pre-Dan Barber's and Michael Pollan's presence on the stage. Please note that I respect them both and am quite glad for their good work. Yet, in these immigrant gardens working class people of little means worked as farmers to grow the familiar and as consumers budgeted low wages to provide and prepare locally grown food from scratch. Finally, your show is a littl e manna on a weekly basis whatever the topic or guest you have chosen to illuminate. Thanks.