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There are several things I take issue with Dan on. One is that the flavor is attached to the seed that is planted. I grow the same tomatoes, turnips, potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc as other growers that sell at the same markets as I. Many of my customers ask me about the flavor of my vegetables and why they taste and keep so much better than others. The only answer that I can give them is that I have different soil. I have made sure that the nutrients are in adequate supplies and in balance and I do all that I can to make sure that the growing plant is not stressed.

The other point is that one does not have to live in the cooler northern parts to have full flavored produce. I can agree that my carrots do taste a little sweeter once the cooler fall weather has arrived, but they are still far superior to any other carrots available even in the warmer times of the season.

Overall, I like what Dan is saying about food and the connection of flavor and nutrient density. We have lost some of the ability to discern the difference in flavor and aroma because we have been feed such poor quality over the years that we did not have a quality reference. And he is correct in that once a person tastes higher quality, they do not want to go back to the norm!