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I can say that thanks to Public Broadcasting I have learned about the age, size, and construction of the Universe, and this knowledge has helped me define my place in it. It's sad that for thousands of years people didn't have the tools that we have, and so had to invent 'gods' like Zeus, Thor, Neptune, Vulcan, etc. to explain things. I hope that people who still reject science even as they use its processes and discoveries every minute eventually come to their senses. I hope this happens before Republican energy and environmental policies ruin the planet.

I'd also like to compliment Krista Tippett's generosity of spirit - she has just released a book on religion and the cosmos and what does she do? She tells us about Einstein's book and Dyson's book! In an era of religious conflict and disrespect she brings a wonderful acceptance of religious differences, always high-minded, respectful, and with playfulness and humor to boot!