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Even though he was resistant to the "new physics" of Quantum Mechanics, Einstein nonetheless was instrumental in the its development. Newtonian Physicists and Orthodox Theologians could and would only venture to the edge of our respective dogmas, beyond which one dared not venture. While we stood comfortably before the veil, Quantum Mechanics had already lifted it and ventured beyond it. What they found was the certainty of uncertainty; the space between probability and possibility. There, oddly, can we find a meeting place between physics and metaphysics; a place where scientists and theologians can only stand in awe and wonder. This is Joseph Campbell's "ah" where, while observing the commonplace, we perceive a life beyond our limiterd understanding. It is a place where we discover consciousness and unity beyond the limits of time and space. But this consciousness and unity does not lead us to the vastness of God, but rather the dynamic yet inperceptible life of the subatomic.