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Since I was a child I yearned to know the true nature of existence. The summer after I graduated from High School I went camping with some friends. The campground was on Lake Huron. After the campfire one night I choose to sleep on the beach because there were a
hundred times more stars then I had seen before in the city. While star watching I was treated to a spectacular meteor shower. I had the sense that I was invited to this show. During the night I fell in and out of sleep many times. The last time I woke up the Sun was peeking over the horizon. There was a beautiful gradient of morning sky to night sky. This time I felt was invited to join this dance by swimming in the Lake. Once in the water I was transformed. I felt my atoms were mixing with the atoms of the water and air. I was One with everything around me. I was overwhelmed with a feeling of peace and well being. This was a gift to me, an answer to my years of yearning to know.
Once more I asked the question, " What's it all about? ". The answer came to me almost as an echo to my question. Love.