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As a person who is very grounded in science and has little knowledge of religion but much curiosity about what may be out there I must say I was excited to listen to Einstein’s thoughts on God and religion. It seems that Einstein saw God as more of a concept of nature and everything that it encompasses, not as a supreme being set out to create man and control him. Einstein’s belief that there “must be something deeply hidden behind everything” is truly an inspirational and motivating way to look at the world. Einstein’s “longing to understand what God was thinking” was a driving force behind all of his work. He yearned to explain nature and God through mathematics. Much like the ancient Greeks, Einstein saw religion and science as two separate entities. We are told that “Einstein did not believe in a personal God” but rather “a rational world order.” Einstein’s views, thoughts and discoveries continue to influence science even to this day. This becomes evident when you listen to the speakers of this program. You can here in their voices and words the influence that Einstein has had in the lives/careers. I was pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the words and theories communicated in this program. Some may think of science as dry and boring, this broadcast reminds us of the elegance of nature that inspires science.