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EINSTEIN'S COSMIC WHOLE: The word cosmic itself sounds out CAUSE MIC, and MIC is the word we use for mike, for the amplification of sound. The resonance in Einstein's seeking and seeing, a cosmic whole, is deeply contained in the words of the Jewish "mantra", Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is One. Now One, can refer, in this much repeated phrase, that has such history attached, being spoken in the depths of despair as well as in prayer, all the time, as all being ONE, meaning the entire universe of being, including all that lives and breathes within, and also what is animate AND inanimate. It is said that to explore inner space is as deeply profound as the exploration of outer space, and I know this is true.

What is very evident, from poetry, from all creative activity, from our own observations in walking and racing through life, is that it IS all, deeply ONE, and Wonderful, also aurally, of course ONE DER FULL.
Artists recreate that one ness in myriad ways. As trees limbs become dancers, shells and objects from the ocean are arranged as flowers, or chimes, and we can do anything magical with nature, and feel a deep resonant, YES! when we perceive that one ness, in new and vibrant ways The amazement of this, in the eyes of the beholder, is always the JOY of it, and then there is always, ALL WAYS, More...

We also use language in infinite creative ways, being creative with it. The recent New England Flower Show for example, had an item for gardeners called Foxglove. Fox Gloves. For hands. How clever! We do this constantly with words, but do we stop and ponder the alchemy of this? How is it we can do this at all? Words are infinite clay in our hands, and I say, we do potentialize what is within words. If we can do it with words, we WILL actualize.

This is a different perception of the universe, or one I have not encountered in print before, and it does bring me constantly to my knees, and in a constant encounter with the Ineffable.

Perhaps as I am saying, within words themselves, there is a story that will bring us all home, a universal story, that will make sense of all acts of creativity. I am seeing it. I am writing about it. Is this what Einstein perceived?

Universe: One Verse.

Look to the deep, brilliant, metaphoric connects in all of our lives, and do marvel. It's about MARVEL.