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Bonhoeffer was a very personal man, in relation to his thoughts on Christian ethics and God's call on one's life. He believed that Christian ethics were not to be found in the church but in personal relations, discovering what was true and humane. This links very closely to his belief of how God calls His people. He exhorts all believers to take action and think of others before oneself in an act of selflessness. He makes it quite evident that he believes that this is what all Christians are called to do. In terms of personal call. He explains that one must continuously examine the call God has on their life, questioning how God wants you to act in this world. We will never entirely have life figured out, and Bonhoeffer makes that quite clear in his theological writings.
The idea that we must constantly rethink what God wants us to do with our lives really resonates with me. In seeking God's will in my own life I find my call changing quite frequently. Although most times it is rather minuscule, these alterations have impacted me and threw off my understanding. Bonhoeffer's encouragement to believers when he talks about always making yourself open to the will of God lines up with this almost perfectly. God's will is not something that can be clearly defined and that is where faith comes into play. Faith is trusting that God will do what is right for his people and when we comepletly rely on God and stop trying to figure out God's will on our lives then we will find peace. However this peace only comes from knowing that God is always standing with us, despite the obstacles that may come our way.