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Had I read "Ethics" by Deitrich while I was in the service or after getting out perhaps I would not have wrestled with depression for twenty one years of my life. Being that I was an Operation Specialist UDT/SEALS 3rd Class Petty Officer Instructor and did operations at the very close of Viet Nam and the very beginning against the Khmer rouge in Cambodia & Laos. I can regretfully say I've taken more lives than King David due to 64 in country missions and 110 overflights of dropping bombs and napalm as a recruit for George H.W. Bush for his CIA. I also started out as a Lutheran but converted to being a Messianic Jew when the Lutheran church started gravitating back to Catholism while I was in the service and for the fact that Luther became a proponet for antisemitism...making on wonder if he truly followed Yeshua's teachings "The Sermon on the Mount". I could have gone back to my roots being that on my father's side of the family my great grandfather was a rabbi in the Ukraine on the Polish border, and on my mother's side of the family the German Westphal's. However, I believe ( and more strongly from what I observed of war) that Yeshua is the Christ and Son of G-d. Bonhoeffer reinforced what I had concluded: That you are not a Christian if you do nothing to deter or stop a political regime/tyrant state even if it at the action of taking life. In my mind's eye Deitrich not only showed that Christianity is meanless without action, but he also vindicated Lutheranism.
G-d's grace and blessings upon you.