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A Line Beyond Intellect (July 23, 2006)
Thanks for your wonderful program on Darwin. This is a subject that has fascinated me from the time I read a biography of Clarence Darrow in junior high more than 40 years ago and which I have pursued through much intervening reading; a visit to Dayton, Tennessee with one of my sons a few years ago; the Dover decision; and the current show at the Museum of Natural History.

Of course, the nature of my fascination has changed, but the one constant is my feeling that if there were a God with the consciousness imputed to it by the devout, it would be deeply disappointed by the use to which its unique gift to man — the ability to think and reason — has been put. Namely, to draw a line beyond which intellect may not venture. The way you described Darwin's role in separating God from responsibility for every little act of God was inspired.

I enjoy your program in general. Although I am a semi-observant Jewish atheist, I appreciate the way you honor the impulse towards belief without leaving the rest of us out. Unlike the power-mad exhibitionism that currently dominates the public square, yours is an approach to faith that doesn't lend credence to Jesse Ventura's comment that religion is a crutch for weak minds, or words to that effect. There is frequent expression of awe before nature in terms that can be shared without a belief in the divine. The Darwin show was the most inspired instance yet. Once again, well done.