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Oh you know there can't be just one the favorite or even the top ten. Science has taught us to prioritize (ref. Dr DeMazio).

But I so miss that Irish voice of John O"Donohue. I bought all I could find of his recordings-after all poemes are meant to be heard, no!?!

I'm 7th generation Irish and I have a son in law my daughter found in Ireland! So when John speaks of the landscape he came from my people are from that same area too. And even though I am grad school educated I think As I walked those barren glens at dusk that I too would have found the back of my neck prickle! But his insights also reveal the deep Irish thought that academics and mysticism have melded together so curiously.

Being disabled I was so moved by Matt Sanford's shear grit and the rising out of his pain-both spiritual and physical- for I heard in some of his glossed-over speaking that this terrible accident took a heavy toll on his entire family. It has on mine too.

Finally there is Parker Palmer. Simply put I want to stuff his words into my favorite teddy bear (were it still around!) so I could hug it tightly when that ineffable darkness still creeps into me from time to time.

SO! I give no particular order to these in my speaking of faith and I look forward to Being as the sign of good things to come because what has been past has deeply enriched my heart and mind and soul. and I have come round to see myself renewed (to borrow a little from ONE of my favorite poets.)