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I was living in Memphis Tennessee at the time I heard the first Speaking of Faith show. I was a corporate expat with a multinational company, who had been asked to stand-in as an improvised bilingual catechist in a local church with a large Spanish speaking community.

Whale songs and Elephant loves, was the very first show I listened to, which touched a very deep cord inside of me. It legitimized what I had known for a long time in my heart about the deep spirituality of one of my dearest elder friends, Dr. Betty Horner, a "secular" naturalist, passionately devoted to the study of mammals and other living creatures. I was hooked from then on because of the inclusiveness of the format; and its non-judgemental approach to all forms of human activity, praise and expression of awe, solidarity, love, compassion.

There have been many many special moments for me thanks to Speaking of Faith since that first show that became so much a part of the way I relate with the divine. It has inspired me, and provided me with thoughts, vocabulary and quotes that I have applied to engage in fascinating conversations with my children, my husband, my co-workers and my self. Favorite images or vignettes that come to mind (not even recalling the exact name of the particular show) are: gardening in lent and singing christian orthodox hymns, the spirituality of parenting, praising the Lord in the African outdoors, giving one´s life for simplicity in the other side of complexity, mediating, resolving conflict, redeeming the dead with dignity, keeping company to the fading memories of our beloved elders.... and so many others.

As much as I love the name "Speaking of Faith" and as much as I feel a bit nostalgic and sad seeing it morph into what it will become as it evolves into "Being", I look forward to follow "Being" the same.

Thank you for what you do.