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I have been a listener from the beginning~I first must commend you for the courage to have a program with the word Faith in the title on National Progressive Radio...especially one that LACKS a word like FALLACY, or MISGUIDED, at the same time. ;P My favorite programs include your discussion of depression, a phenomenon I have struggled with since the age of 15...especially illuminating for me was the suggexstion that, the CLOSER ON GETS TO GOD, the more one is made privy to the BITTER CUP, as well as the sweet. Moving to Iowa in Summer 2008 to attempt to earn a Masters of Divinity at an ELCA Seminary, only to find that I may have been called, but not necessarily CHOSEN, has been simultaneouly illuminating, and crushingly f'n SAD. Was it the late, great, Joe Carter, who sang for us? Wow. Desmond Tutu and the dried fruit STILL makes me smile. I felt you would have to do something about the show...u seemed to be running out of ways to talk about God while avoiding Christ like the NPR PLAGUE HE IS! BWAHAHAHAHA! Just kidding! With apologies to the Car Talk Bros, (sorta)~I could jear Jack Spear's, or even Garrison Keiller's scrotum retract as though they just jumped into a cold swimming pool whenever YOU said it....I will miss SPEAKING O' FAITH, even as I start making "TAKE A BATH, HIPPIE!" references when you say, "Being". God Bless You All, Janet C. Drennan