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I discovered Speaking of Faith when my mother had passed away in Minnesota. I had just accepted a position in San Francisco eleven months prior and while we spoke a few days before her death, I did not get a chance to be with her in those months as her illness was progressing. She was only 56 and it had been the most devastating trauma of my life. As I tried to understand her death that week, SOP came on the car radio--it was Krista's interview with Eckhart Tolle. Through my own grief, which was so debilitating, this program was a true comfort.

That night, back at the hotel, I went to the website and found more programs that seem to speak directly to me in that moment and immediately subscribed to the podcast. I found it to be a gift placed in my lap from God.

From Mary Doria Russel's discussion of her novels to Jacqueline Novogratz's 'patient captolism' the range of stories and interviews always remains compelling. Many of these stories I listen to over and over again! Speaking of Faith continues to bring me insight, comfort, and new perspectives in the meaning of my own life and the life of others.