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I have immersed myself in the archives this past summer as I spent so much time at home waiting for school to begin. I am embarking on new studies and have been deeply moved and inspired by almost all the shows. I am continually amazed at finding a new show and hearing its deep relevant message. I cried out loud when I heard the late great John O'Donahue read his poetry and his thoughts on life! I was also immensely touched by Palmer Parker and have since looked into his retreats. I have been changed by shows such as with Bill McKibben and have since joined his 350 movement. The New Monastic show also knocked me out as I myself am part of a spiritual community and appreciate the positive force of community as family and shared responsibility in a time of desperation and loneliness. Other notable voices that strike a chord with me are Dr Oz and Rachel Naomi Remen, because I am a healer and their work is ground breaking. I also want to add that I love the music that is used and offered in its full length.

Just wanted to say that I love the new title and I appreciate the direction that the show is taking. Thank you for Being!