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Hi. I am on a serious un-watched backlog of what will soon be the Being podcasts. However, I took time to break away from continuity and listen to the latest episode anyway.

Primarily, I am a Christian, but I have "pagan" leanings. I have an aversion to the "New Age" label, even if I harness my understanding of the zodiac, tarot card archetypes and people reading skills. Someone called me a "closet pagan" and I thought that this was offensive. Before I could react further, I realized that I couldn't disagree.

I go to church occasionally, and I subscribe to podcasts from Relevant Magazine and Mars Hill in Michigan. Both podcasts were eye opening and led me to a bigger understanding of the world. This bigger understanding then led me to my current state: a near lapsing Christian. Not that I have begun to doubt what I learn from Mars Hill or Relevant altogether.

Then I heard a snippet of Bishop Tutu's interview on the latest podcast. I haven't exposed myself to the extent of his work or of his knowledge, but I consider him to be one of my heroes. I could feel my belly laugh as he was teasing Krista about dried fruit. Then when he prayed, I felt my heart being tugged at. Like a pull to believe in something bigger without trying to understand why the people who embody a certain belief system seem to act differently. You can say my faith was renewed this evening. Thank you so much for doing what you're doing!