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Having listened to what is now On Being for a few years, I initially was nervous taking on my faith - and thus the old title scared me. Going through confirmation at my church and in my previous religious life, I had never thought about what I believed. Once I began to listen to Speaking of Faith initially through archived shows, I started thinking deeply about my own faith. Now, as an active high school-age member of my church, I had always enjoyed helping those less fortunate than myself, but the question of my place in the universe and God's existence had never puzzled me. But as I examined the doctrinal issues - very clearly discussed in the shows - it made me tune out. The shows about science, although, enchanted me: I believe we can examine us - humans - but issues of trinity, communion, and other issues which divide Christians always seemed just plain phony. Shows about helping others, and especially its benefits psychologically, instead, made me feel religious. For, the one truly religious experience I have ever have was when I was cleaning a nasty refrigerator at a food bank in a poor part of St. Louis. Having religious experiences different from what others talked about, the scope of how I define faith has changed: It now includes my religious experiences - without the shame of a lack of understanding of the theological issues I initially believed were what faith was.