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The scientist, Carl Sagan told my generation on TV about Hope for our Pale Blue Dot. Years later, any ideas about his being a professed atheist wither — in the light of his being to the end a sincere but skeptical scientist. Carl told us that when Galileo recanted to the Inqusition, he admitted to them that "the Earth is at the Center." Today that makes one muse on whether Galileo and his friend, Robert Cardinal Bellarmine, came to a "practical understanding" whicn human language could readily support — and that could happen — perhaps without "pushing the language to its edges?" Galileo was "shown the instruments of torture" and the story is that he capitulated to the Inquisition. That may be true.

It was noteworthy that one of the very first actions of the newly elected Pope John Paul II was to call for a commission to revisit the Inquisition Trial of Galileo. The comission's outcome was a vindication of the truth of Galielo's original assertion that "the Earth moves, not the Sun" which, at the time, supported Nicholas Copernicus' mathematical calculations. Now Niklaus Kopernik was a Polish Mathematician and Astronomer from Krakow, who figured out what was "mathematically going on" between the Earth an the Sun and the other Planets, before Galileo "went public," which percipitated his Inquisition trial. I'm not trying to re-write history (but I profess to beliving in Story — Good Story). Just thinking here how Carl Sagan still acknowledged that for all we know, and persist in knowing, it is we humans who continue to experience and to be offered the Greatest Show on Earth from a front-row-center seat. Nothing else comes close, or can come close. THAT's US. That's what we got. It's the way it is.

Are we at "this center" for any special purpose? Who knows? I feel we have a formidable responsibility to come to terms with our being at this center — because accepting our location comes with that classical purpose: our awsome Agony in the Garden — of here, and now, in this place, at this time — in seeing The Cup, and its call to offer our life to it.

So, I believe that what each of us chooses to do, and how we do it, somehow COUNTS....

Life is Sweet; Life is Good.

DESMOND TUTU: "Come Holy Spirit, and enkindle the hearts of your faithful. Send forth your spirit, and they shall be created; and they shall renew the face of the Earth."
All the Gifts of This Day, and of many more New Years to come, be with you. Amen.