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I summarize that the Christain faith has come along way, at this time many have said the end of the world would come in the 20th century, we are in the 7th millennium, Jehovah sabbath. I wondering is the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Bad, it was in God's garden of Eden, it his Tree. The heritage, culture and knowledge evolved since the Garden of Eden that Mankinds civilization continues. And is it like the Apostle Paul said, if we did not have the resurrection hope we would be in vain. Yet we look to the 1st century Christains, they never taught the Trinity doctrine. Jesus Christ said in John 20:17, I am going my father and your father, my God and your God. Can we say that Constantine, who was barely a christain Pontifix Maxims, (brigde maker between heaven), beseech the latter day christain scholars to establish a trinue god, in christain worship. Restrospectvely we see the flourishing of civilization. Because the end of the world did not come, today modern society has become liberal, immoral, and in case in point after acquiring the refined code of conduct, abandon christain faith for human rights that cross the boundary of right and wrong-homosexuality, sexual illicitness, which use to be a minority in values by going public, mass media. What will be come of the human character? What is the mental workings or mechanism, the spiritual sphere in ones head. Will Righteousness rule in the personal conduct of citizens in society?