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The usage and promotion of the term Pilgrimage as espoused by Paul Elie is in the context of the American perspective once again a denial of Truth and a setting aside of the Truth of the continuance of modern form of genocide of indigenous cultures and their beliefs in the Creator we all share. Mr.Elie presents a continuance of the illusion that connection with the Truth Christ reveals is to undertake a pilgrimage of whatever manifestation of the term pilgrim is the flavor of the day. While those Mr. Elie cites were gifted people with their own beautiful connection to the message Christ brings, the journey Christ engages us in is one toward the Light of forgiveness.
Bright Light
Your sadness covers all.
The mangled corpses
Of a never ending Genocide,
Are removed from the depths,
Of darkness and despair,
As You pass over and within.

The souls of those worldwide,
Who by circumstance of location,
Of birthplace predetermined,
Have been judged,
By despotic minds,
Preying on the innocent.

You alone decide,
The place and time of vengeance,
Today You are Risen,
Emerging from stone rolled back,
Bright Light of Hope,
Brings healing and forgiveness.