Selected Audio

Selected Audio

Arab Identity and British Colonialism
(RealAudio, 10:24)
In this clip not included in the final broadcast, listen to Leila Ahmed discuss the creation of Arab identity as a legacy of British colonialism, and the similarities with the perception of Muslim identity in our age.

Editing is good, but sometimes there's something to be said for just hearing the conversation that took place in the moment. Here's your chance to listen to Krista's complete, unedited conversation with Johnston. We've also selected a couple additional segments that were left on the cutting room floor.

We couldn't include the entirety of both interviews in an hour of radio, so we've included downloadable mp3s of Krista's complete conversations with Majora Carter and Calvin DeWitt. We've also selected unbroadcast segments in which they discuss their background and ideas on moving forward.

Listen to some of the selected segments we resurfaced for your ears.

Listen to a web-exclusive interview with Arlene Sanchez Walsh and to Cecil Robeck describe the history of William Seymour, the Azusa Street mission, and the role of Los Angeles in Pentecostalism's growth and rapid spread across the globe.

Listen to a compilation of Portugese sorrow songs by various artists.

Jelle de Boer explains animistic belief systems and the ecological necessity for natural disasters.

Listen to Krista's extended conversations with civil rights pioneer Joseph Lowery, author Debbie Morris, and minister and relative of an executed murderer, Sarah Griffith.

Listen to the author of Sport Is Not a Religion discuss the virtues of amateur sports and the role of religion in the contemporary arena.

Listen to Precious Rasheeda Muhammad, founder and president of the Journal of Islam in America Press and founder of the Islam in America conferences at Harvard Divinity School, read from her essay "Oh Allah, Operate on Us!" Islam and the Legacy of American Slavery, which appears as part of a collection of essays Taking Back Islam: American Muslims Reclaim Their Faith, edited by Michael Wolfe.