Selected Audio

Selected Audio

Listen to these unheard clips from Krista's interviews with Joan Brown Campbell and Thomas Hoyt:

Bart Ehrman and Luke Timothy Johnson discuss early forms of Christianity and the value of ancient texts.

» "Hilfiker's Transition to D.C." (RealAduio, 8:00)
Listen to David Hilfiker describe why he and his wife Marja decided to change their lives, how Christ House works, and what he had to face in himself there, including the impulse our society cultivates to "improve" the poor.

» "A Turning Point" (RealAudio, 3:56)
In this segment, Dr. Hilfiker tells one story from his medical practice in Washington, a turning point in his desire to unearth the history that led to urban poverty that perpetuates itself across generations.

This Web-exclusive audio features full-length clips from the cutting room floor. Seyyed Hossein Nasr elaborates on his experience in Cairo during the September 11 attacks, the Muslim perspective on evil, and the nature of Shiism in the Middle East.

Or, if you prefer, download isolated selections in which Raman covers everything from universalities to a Shanti mantra recovered from the cutting room floor.

Here you can download an mp3 of Mukonyora introducing us to the songs of the Masowe Apostles. And, if you like, a compilation of 12 songs.

Jimmy Carter has taught adult Bible study at Maranatha Baptist Church for 25 years. With a congregation of just 135 members, the church hosts several hundred visitors during Carter's Sunday classes.

We've selected three clips from his audiobook, Leading a Worthy Life. Carter talks about his grandfather's life and death, the role of women in the church, and the necessity of love and equality.

» "Desmond Tutu at the National Press Club" (RealAudio, 32:12)
Listen to the Nobel Laureate and former Chair of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, address the National Press Club in 1999 and participate in a question-and-answer session conducted afterwards.

» "Spiritual Ancestors of Evangelicals" (mp3, 2:44)
Cizik counts early American ministers who fought for independence and abolition as his spiritual ancestors.

» "Days of Social Engagement" (mp3, 5:57)
Cizik recounts the days when the NAE's agenda included social engagement and not just personal issues.