Selected Audio

Selected Audio

Listen to audio clips of Krista's conversation with Chaplain Morris that didn't make it into the radio broadcast.

» "Gay Relationships" (mp3, 2:16)
In this unreleased clip, Elliot Dorff discusses current Torah interpretations relating to homosexuality and partnership.

» "Raising Family" (mp3, 2:49)
Here, Rabbi Dorff talks about the important role procreation plays in Jewish marriages.

Chittister thought she'd given up her dream to be a writer once she joined the Benedictines. A life of strict obedience resulted in sacrificing dreams — only to find them again in other forms.

» "The Formative Influences" (mp3, 7:01)
In this audio clip not aired, Dungan talks about his upbringing, a natural blend of religion and finances.

» "Making a Change" (mp3, 4:52)
Dungan worked in lower Manhattan on September 11, 2001, where he witnessed the destruction of the World Trade Center. He considers that disastrous event a turning point in his thinking about consumerism, and discovered a new role for himself as a financial planner.

We can't include all of Krista's interview in an hour of radio. And, this week, we could only fit one of two interviews into the program. So, we're giving you a chance to download mp3s of both conversations in their entirety. Or, listen to smaller, digestible portions of Friedmann Marquardt's interview.

Where to cut? Where to edit? We couldn't include all of Krista's public conversation with George Ellis into an hour of radio, so we're providing additional mp3s if you want to hear more. Ellis discusses at length how the kenotic ethic functions in our world and in the midst of suffering.

[RealAudio, 1:15:41]
Listen to the complete audio of Sherwin Nuland's lecture given at the Chautauqua Institution on August 22, 2005. For more of his lectures, visit The Great Lecture Library.

Andy Dayton, associate web producer

Much of their conversation seems to center around the complexity of identity that can come in a pluralistic society.

Nancy Rosenbaum, associate producer

When Joanna says she doesn't count, she's referring to the principle of matrilineal descent in Judaism where Jewishness is passed down through the mother. Not all denominations in Judaism observe this law, but it's still a very real issue that Sarah and Joanna seem to have wrestled with throughout their lives.

Andy Dayton, associate web producer

Omar Haroon and David Weiner are two friends who met through the NewGround program. Omar is Muslim and David is Jewish, and what I appreciate about their conversation is the sense of coinciding conflict and kinship it gives.