Selected Audio

Selected Audio

In 1990, Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks delivered six Reith Lectures on the BBC. Listen to all six lectures as Lord Sacks examines religion and ethics in a secular society. He explores how objective standards influence people's ethics, discusses the religious institution of marriage in society, examines the language of religion and community, assesses the mix of religious revival and nationalism, and explains why faith survives.

Hear three Lakota songs performed by the Good House family, including "Sitting Bull's Song," "Song at Fort Buford," and "The Cricket Song."

Listen to the magical music of the humpback whales and hear Katy Payne's recordings of elephants in the Dzanga forest clearing from 2002.

In preparing for our interview, Meredith Monk sent us a list of songs she's recorded over the decades that she finds most meaningful to her. Stream and listen to all eleven tracks.

We chose some of our favorite poems and stories, as told by Kevin Kling, for you to listen to and savor. Feel free to download them and share with your friends and family!

From the cutting room floor, listen to clips from our interviews with Freeman Dyson and Paul Davies that we couldn't fit into the radio program.

Listen to the stories from Caroline Keem who found forgiveness in an email flame chain and Madeline Bialecki who learned that the act of forgiving may be accepting people at their word.

Includes: "Sufism and the Whirling Dervishes", "Pregnant with God", and "The Eccentricity of Shams".

Rosanne Cash performed two songs for us during our live interview backstage at Orchestra Hall:

  • "God is in the Roses," a song she wrote the day after her father died
  • "The World Unseen," the song she chose to play for us, based on a favorite line from a Psalm.
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