Selected Poems

Selected Poems

Since many of O'Donohue's recitations didn't make it into the final, produced show, we wanted to offer them for download.

Read the words of this poem heard during the program

To some, Rumi's poetry is best heard aloud; to others, Rumi's words should be experienced in silent reading. Here, we present the text of seven poems and readings of those poems in Persian and in English, with male and female voices.

Here, Ms. Macy tells a story of how she came to translate this poem after a famous Rilke translator took a pass. And she reads her translation for us.

Here you can read Derek Walcott's poem recited by Kabat-Zinn, saying a prose statement was "bound to be inadequate" in communicating his point. Download the poem and read along.

Looking for the Pablo Neruda poem that Sylvia Boorstein recited at the end of this show? You've found it!

On the day before the President Obama's inauguration in 2009, Elizabeth Alexander recited this poem on the mall for a soundcheck. And hundreds of people stopped, listened, and clapped.