Selected Readings

Selected Readings

In this essay, Smith points out that while influential journalists may find much to criticize and parody in Evangelical red America, such attitudes of condescension contribute to a sense of victimhood that galvanizes the religious right.

Sasso has compiled a list of books she finds helpful in understanding spirituality and children. She also includes a series of titles for children to nurture their spirituality.

In this essay, Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen calls on physicians to examine how they give meaning to their daily practice and reclaim that meaning in their working lives.

There were no Iranians or Shiite Muslims among the attackers on 9/11.
Iran was the first Islamic country to condemn the 9/11 attacks.
Iran cooperated with U.S. and coalition forces to defeat the Taliban in Afghanistan.
Al-Qaeda and the Taliban have never been friends of Iran, and Iran has never funded or supported either group. Arab countries supposedly friendly to the U.S. have provided major sources of funding for both.

by Vigen Guroian
"I once said that gardening began when God expelled Adam and Eve from Paradise. I was wrong. What I should have said is that after the first couple greedily consumed beauty, gardening got inextricably mixed up with labor and survival, and farming came into existence."

Restaurateur and slow-food advocate Alice Waters describes her experience of a bouillabase in France and how it influenced her shopping habits and seafood selection on the menu.