Selected Readings

Selected Readings

In this essay, the famous restaurateur and slow-food advocate Alice Waters describes her experience of a bouillabase in France and how it influenced her shopping habits and seafood selection on the menu.

Studs Terkel's final book, P.S.: Further Thoughts From a Lifetime of Listening, is a collection of pages he uncovered from the "old junk" in his workroom while doing research for a memoir; "…torn sheets of wrinkled paper under the desk, behind the bookcases, beneath the couch, tossed in boxes, everywhere." That old junk includes transcripts, interviews, and other writings from his lifetime of conversations. In the book's preface, Terkel explains how he compiled transcript excerpts from his 1971-1972 conversations with people about the Great Depression:

The brain and the immune system continuously signal each other, often along the same pathways, which may explain how state of mind influences health

Read George Ellis' statement at the Templeton Prize News Conference announcing him as the recipient. See what he means when he uses the phrase "confounding the calculus of rationality" and his plans for the cash prize.

This letter from a Scottish soldier was sent to Dr. Ellis after he received the Templeton Prize in 2004. Ellis read this during the live event at WHYY in Philadelphia to illustrate his concept of kenosis in action in a strange situation.

The following biblical passage recited by Krista and read during the program was taken from Celebrating Common Prayer: A Version of the Daily Office SSF.

Read the complete passage from this book of the Old Testament.

Read two translations of the poem written by St. John of the Cross.

Most chapters in Room for J are headed with a quote from wise voices, including Margaret Mead, William James, and Lewis Carroll.

On October 10-12, 2008, Marcy Jackson and I (supported by our colleagues, Rick Jackson and Ann New), led a Circle of Trust retreat at the Fetzer Institute for fifteen people from the worlds of big business, financial services and philanthropy — many of them closely tied to Wall Street and all of them devoted to the common good. Our retreat began just one day after the Dow Jones had fallen nearly 40 percent below its record high, set only a year earlier.