SoundSeen (our multimedia stories)

SoundSeen (our multimedia stories)

[audio slideshow, 3:47]
Bach's compositions, Dr. Thomas Rossin says, stemmed from his private faith — a faith evidenced by Bach's handwritten notes in his Bible. Hear about the Bible's nomadic journey and its possible influence of his Mass in B Minor — what Pelikan holds up as an example of the "best we've ever done."

[slideshow, 5:09]
Stephanie Keith met a Vodou priest at a Buddhist interfaith event. He invited her to photograph and experience the religious world of his Haitian culture. Ten ceremonies later, she offers her images and reflections on these late-night rituals.

[narrated slideshow, 3:18]

Janna Levin discusses cosmology as a source of wonder and inspiration. In this slideshow, astrophysicist Howard Smith reflects on discovering unknown aspects of the universe, paired paired with images of the cosmos.

[audio slideshow, 6:54]

HMML's rare book archive holds a vast collection of medieval manuscripts and sacred texts. Here, watch a guided tour of some its most prized possessions of parchment and press.

View a series of images of Matthew Sanford's life before and after the accident.

[video, 4:16]

The Rural Studio has completed their third generation of the 20K House — budgeting $10,000 in materials and the rest for future profit for a contractor. In a clever twist for a pair of brothers, they've combined the two in the form of a dogtrot. Take a look.

[video, 6:12]

The Rural Studio 20K House is in its fourth generation now. All have been single story and aluminum clad. This group of students are changing that, and face the challenges of creating a two-story loft.

[audio slideshow, 2:45]
The iconographic structures of Mason's Bend have become synonymous with Sam Mockbee and the Rural Studio. We've put together a feast of images and voices from the people who live and work there.

[slideshow, 5:10]
An improvisational storytelling class of 5th and 6th graders draw on Adele Diamond's educational philosophy and demonstrate three important executive functions.

Listen and view an audio gallery features images of Kenyan women striving for a more verdant future. Photos are accompanied by Wangari Maathai singing a native tune in Kiswahili that's often sung while planting trees.