SoundSeen (our multimedia stories)

SoundSeen (our multimedia stories)

After we produced this program, Krista sat down with Chris Farrell, APM's chief economics correspondent, to get a broader perspective on the field of neuroeconomics.

Question to Robert Wright: "Is Religion Potentially Dangerous?"

One of Wright's favorite philosophers, and some background on "non-zero sumness."

From the Clinton Global Initiative Meetings, we join the plenary session "Peace and Beyond in the Middle East."

Doris Taylor shows Krista Tippett and senior producer Mitch Hanley a pig's heart and liver that have had their cells removed.

See elaborate architectural glass bulbs with tubes feeding suspended rodent hearts — one lifeless with old cells; another one stage farther, a pale "scaffold" ready for stem cells to be injected; and finally a regenerated heart pink, pumping, alive and beating on its own. Also hear the story of the man with a heart disease that told Taylor she is "building hope."

Krista flew to LAX and drove south to Orange County to visit the Warrens at the offices of Saddleback Church. We filmed the entire conversation (except for the last two minutes when we ran out of tape) to include you in the process.

We've woven together the late Irish poet's reading of his poem with his friends' photographs of the Celtic landscapes of the Connemara landscape he loved.

A closer look at the Lakota leader's 22 drawings reveals important details the contemporary observer might miss. Candace Greene, an ethnographer from the Smithsonian, describes what to focus on and gives fascinating context to these autobiographical portraits.

Historian Theresa Vann's descriptions of crude repairs and bookworms tunneling through fleshy parchment come to life. And she shows us rare pages from the Knights of Malta's first pressings.