SoundSeen (our multimedia stories)

SoundSeen (our multimedia stories)

A behind-the-scenes look from Krista's interview. Here, Fr. Columba shows centuries-old manuscripts in Ge'ez and Samaritan Hebrew, Latin and Armenian, and Greek with Arabic translations. It's an intimate perspective of precious objects well worth viewing.

A brief pictorial journey of our trip from a hotel in downtown Detroit to the neighborhoods of East Detroit, where people are renewing their corner of the world.

With one video camera remaining, we filmed Krista's public conversation with David Brooks and E.J. Dionne, including the invocation by Jean Bethke Elshtain.

June 28, 2006 – Washington DC
This religious tendency is not simply the result of successful marketing by skilled preachers or the draw of popular mega-churches. In fact, it speaks to a hunger that's deeper than that — a hunger that goes beyond any particular issue or cause.

Krista's live conversation with Joshua DuBois at the Fitzgerald Theater in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

The legacy of Argentina's Dirty War lives on in the children of those who disappeared. Portraits of those who remain, and poetry from one who survived.

Nicholas Kristof meets with a reputed warlord in the Congo and is confronted with the complexity and humanity of war in this excerpt from the documentary, Reporter.

Khakis, blue jeans, and dungarees graced the stage at this public event in San Diego. The generational differences seemed obvious. But this lively conversation revealed a shared theology that guides these three men — as they interpret and live out their values in varying ways.

View the Liän Ensemble with Fatemeh Keshavarz put the poetry of Rumi to music in this January 27, 2007 performance at a Stanford University event celebrating Rumi's 800th birthday.

View the splendor of chef Dan Barber's succulent table directly from the diner's chair. These photographs of a nine-course meal might make you rethink that next trip to the local sandwich shop.