SoundSeen (our multimedia stories)

SoundSeen (our multimedia stories)

Archival film footage of Aimee Semple McPherson included in Hearst Metrotone News reels. View the charismatic, and slightly quirky, delivery of a tech-savvy evangelist of the 1930s.

Archival film footage of Aimee Semple McPherson

Get a sense of Aimee Semple McPherson's theatrically staged sermons that packed Angelus Temple while listening to the Pentecostal preacher in various settings around the world.

Buddhist monks peacefully walked the streets of Rangoon (Yangon), on September 18, 2007. They protested the military regime's recent crackdown on them because the monks demanded the junta implement efforts to relieve poverty in Burma. The monks refused to accept donations from military officials and perform religious rites for them.

For their son Morgan and other people with autism, YouTube has fostered a community catering to his interest in television logo histories. So we asked him for links to some of his favorite videos. Here's some of his favorites of PBS, WGBH, and Paramount.

In the remote border region between Burma and Tibet lives the Taron people, a "pure-blood" race of Mongoloid pygmies on the verge of self-imposed extinction. Rabinowitz shares his encounter with one family member, Dawi, who saw the "deep, deep hole" existing within both men — and the bounty of that friendship in his own life.

In 1946, the U.S. Army printed a haggadah for the first Passover after liberation from Nazi control. A stirring series of woodcut images by Miklós Adler interweaves the Exodus story with the liberation of Jews in Germany after World War II.

Our chief economics correspondent gives a helpful history of the origins of social investing, addresses some of the prevailing skepticism, and thinks of markets as "chat rooms" rather than just "listening devices."

Researchers at the Elephant Listening Project assembled a dozen of their favorite images taken during their time in central Africa. See what Katy Payne describes as "Grand Central Station for elephants."