Jewish Perspectives

Looking to learn more and dive deeper into Jewish understandings of the world? This collection is made for you.

Technology and Self

The Natural World

Health and Well-being

Frontiers of Mind + Brain

Cosmos and Wonder

Scientists and theologians alike are asking some of the deepest and most profound questions of our day. They help us explore what it means to be human by delving into the mystery of experience.

Grief and Loss

Too often, in the West, we treat loss with denial, and death as a failure. This collection presents leading thinkers and practitioners who understand illness and imperfection as part of wholeness, and death as a developmental stage – an opportunity for learning, repair, and completion of our lives.

Relationships, Marriage, and Divorce

To love and commit to one another is an ongoing practice. This collection features in-depth conversations addressing the grittiness of relationship: dealing with addiction, biblical ambiguity, sexuality, raising children.

Work and Vocation

Vocation is bigger than career, though we’ve confused the two in recent generations. This collection draws out spiritual teachers, educators, technologists, and business leaders on integrating inner life with our presence in the world – as professional people, civic beings, parents, and neighbors.

Raising Children

How do we nurture our children's inner lives? What does it mean to play, to be creative, to nourish the whole person? This collection brings together wise voices from many disciplines — from psychiatry and neuroscience to theology and journalism — walking you through the most vital questions about raising new human beings in this world.