Podcast Help

Podcast Help

If you're new to the podcasting world, there are several ways to get started. If you have Apple's iTunes software installed on your computer or have an account for Yahoo, just click on one of the two icons below:
Subscribe to the On Being podcast via iTunes! Subscribe to the On Being podcast using your My Yahoo account!
And, for those familiar with subscribing to podcasts, just paste the following URL into your favorite podcast software:
Otherwise, follow the detailed directions below, "Getting Started: Step-By-Step Instructions." Now, you're dialed in to each week's show with Krista Tippett. Listen to the latest On Being program on your computer, on your mp3 player, burn it to CD — and take it anywhere you want! Getting Started: Step-by-Step Instructions For those new to the podcasting universe, we've provided the following detailed instructions with accompanying screenshots to help you along the way. So, away we go. Three things are required in order to subscribe to the On Being podcast: a computer, podcasting software (we recommend iTunes), and an Internet connection (a faster connection means a faster download). Complete the following steps to subscribe to the On Being podcast:
1. Download iTunes to your computer (PC or Mac).
2. Install iTunes on your computer.
3. Open the iTunes application.
Open iTunes application
4. In the horizontal menu appearing at the top, click "Advanced."
Click 'Advanced' on menu bar
5. After the drop-down menu displays, click the third line item, "Subscribe to Podcast..."
Click 'Subscribe to Podcast...' on drop-down menu
6. After a dialogue box pops up, enter the following URL (don't include the quotation marks), "http://onbeing.org/podcast/podcast.xml" into the text area. Click "OK" and you have successfully subscribed to the podcast!
Enter 'http://onbeing.org/podcast/podcast.xml' in box
7. Click on the "Podcasts" button in the left navigation bar of iTunes. In the podcast directory to its right, you will find the title of the podcast, "Being [APM]." By default, the latest program should be downloading to your computer. At the far left of the podcast title, an orange circle with a rotating arrow should display. This means a program is in the process of being downloaded.
Open 'Podcasts' in iTunes
8. Preceding the podcast title, click the filled-in triangle. This will display the files On Being has made available for download. The program currently being downloaded will have an orange circle with a rotating arrow in front of its title. Any other programs not downloaded will have a oval button labeled "GET" next to it.
Expand the podcast
9. If you want to download another On Being program, click its corresponding "GET" button or click the "GET ALL" button next to the "Being [APM]" podcast header.
10. Once the program is finished downloading, select the program you'd like to listen to. Then, you can either double-click the program title or click on the play button at the top of the application window and your show will begin playing.
Double-click title to play
11. By default, the next time you open iTunes, the application will automatically check to see if the latest On Being podcast is available for download. If you wish to change this or other settings for the On Being podcast, click the "Settings" button at the bottom of the podcast screen in iTunes.
Click 'Settings' button at the bottom of iTunes
12. In the dialog box that appears after clicking the "Settings" button, you can configure a variety of settings for your podcasts, including the frequency to check for new episodes, what to do when a new episode is available, and how many downloaded episodes to keep in your library.
Change 'Settings' as desired

On Being Podcasting Defined

The On Being podcast offers a way for you, the listener, to schedule the download of audio copies (in mp3 format) of each week's show directly to your computer. It's like TiVo for the radio, but with less work! The On Being podcast is free and anyone can subscribe to it using intermediate software applications such as Apple's iTunes. On Being also offers downloads (in mp3 format) and streaming audio (in a Flash player) so that you can directly access that week's show on its companion Web site. The difference between the On Being podcast and downloading or streaming the audio boils down to one thing: the On Being podcast is automatically delivered to your computer, whereas downloading or streaming requires that you go to the Web page to retrieve the audio.

What's the Advantage?

There are many reasons why our listeners aren't able to listen to On Being on the radio — inconvenient time of day, limited amount of time for listening, unavailable on your local public radio station. Subscribing to the On Being podcast allows you to listen to our program during a time and at a place most convenient for you. And, even streaming the audio from the Web page may prove difficult because you, the listener, have to be tethered to your computer in order to hear it, which means you can't listen to the program in your car, on the bus, on the train, or sometimes even at your office (system administrators frequently restrict streaming audio because of the bandwidth it consumes).

Do I Need an iPod to Listen to the On Being Podcast?

Not at all. All On Being podcasts are encoded as mp3 files, the most universal format for listening on various devices. You can listen to each podcast using almost any application: iTunes, Windows Media Player, RealAudio Player, WinAmp, and many others. And, if you like, you can burn it to a CD so you can listen to Krista Tippett and On Being in your car or at home on your stereo. Of course, portability is the name of the game, so the On Being podcast works wonderfully on portable media devices like the iPod or other mp3 players — and also on iPhones, iPads and other mp3 enabled smart phones.

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