Martin Marty — America's Changing Religious Landscape
November 2, 2006

A great public theologian and historian, Martin Marty offers personal and historical perspective on religion in modern life — including the nature of fundamentalism, and the decline of America's mainline Protestant majority as Evangelical Christianity gains in influence.


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Marty uses the French philosophical term as a message about service and being available to gift of life and the grace of others.

The War-Time Lincoln and the Ironic Tradition in America

In commemoration of the Gettysburg address and the presidency of Lincoln, this 2000 lecture by Marty applies some Niebuhrian perspectives on historical irony to the contemporary scene.

Campaign Yearbook

Playing off the "flip-flop" campaign mantra of 2004, Marty takes the opportunity to look back at historical flip-flops of religious communities in the 1960s.

Words from a Little-Known Theologian

Marty notes that the writings of a little-known theologian, Joseph Sittler, have played an influential role in his life.

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A former church that served as a schoolhouse in East Dawn, Michigan now stands in Augram on a farmer's land.

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is the Fairfax M. Cone Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus at The University of Chicago. He's authored many books, including Pilgrims in Their Own Land and Modern American Religion.

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