November 1, 2007
Ingrid Jordt —
Burma: Buddhism and Power

A look inside the spiritual culture of Burma, exploring the meaning of monks taking to the streets there in September, the way in which religion and military rule are intertwined, and how Buddhism remains a force in and beyond the current crisis.

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is an assistant professor of Anthropology at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, former Buddhist nun, and author of Burma's Mass Lay Meditation Movement.

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Buddhist monks peacefully walked the streets of Rangoon (Yangon), on September 18, 2007. They protested the military regime's recent crackdown on them because the monks demanded the junta implement efforts to relieve poverty in Burma. The monks refused to accept donations from military officials and perform religious rites for them.

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Burmese monks queue, waiting for lunch.

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Buddhism is something like a spiritual life. This incident is just an example of Buddhist power. The people in Burma refused to accept donations from military officials and that shows the greatness of the Medical transcription companies Buddhism and Buddhist people.