Jonathan Greenblatt —
The Business of Doing Good

The news has been marked in recent years, at regular intervals, by the moral and practical downfall of prominent businesses. Jonathan Greenblatt is among a new generation of entrepreneurs who want to lead a fundamental shift in corporate culture as well as philanthropy — a merger between making a profit and doing good. We explore his way of seeing the world and his economics of "ethical brand architecture" and "fiercely pragmatic idealism."

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is CEO of GOOD magazine and a lecturer at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. He's also the co-founder of Ethos Water.

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In this SoundSeen video not heard in the program, Jonathan Greenblatt tells Krista how his grandparents' flight from Nazi Germany informs his sense of service today — all from behind the glass.

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Don't Wait for the Rain

Tanzanian rap star Mr. Ebbo appears in a promotional video, which appears in the show, for Kickstart's MoneyMaker.

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Alberto Guardado, the president of the Cholunquez water committee in Honduras, stands in front of the new water distribution tank.

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