"Every Riven Thing"

"Every Riven Thing"

by Christian Wiman

After going three years without having written a poem, Christian Wiman explains how he came about writing this poem and why it took this shape. Listen to his marvelous reading that we included in our production too. Download the MP3 and share it with your friends!

God goes, belonging to every riven thing he's made
sing his being simply by being
the thing it is:
stone and tree and sky,
man who sees and sings and wonders why

God goes. Belonging, to every riven thing he's made,
means a storm of peace.
Think of the atoms inside the stone.
Think of the man who sits alone
trying to will himself into a stillness where

God goes belonging. To every riven thing he's made
there is given one shade
shaped exactly to the thing itself:
under the tree a darker tree;
under the man the only man to see

God goes belonging to every riven thing. He's made
the things that bring him near,
made the mind that makes him go.
A part of what man knows,
apart from what man knows,

God goes belonging to every riven thing he's made.

From the book "Every Riven Thing" by Christian Wiman. Copyright © 2010 by Christian Wiman. Used by permission of Farrar, Straus and Giroux, LLC.

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is a poet and editor of Poetry magazine. He's the author of several volumes of poetry including Every Riven Thing.