Recommended Reading

Image of Talking to the Enemy: Faith, Brotherhood, and the (Un)Making of Terrorists
Author: Scott Atran
Publisher: Ecco (2010)
Binding: Hardcover, 576 pages
Image of In Gods We Trust: The Evolutionary Landscape of Religion (Evolution and Cognition)
Author: Scott Atran
Publisher: Oxford University Press (2002)
Binding: Paperback, 388 pages

Music Played

Image of The Astounding Eyes of Rita
Artist: Anouar Brahem
Label: ECM Records
Image of Best of Inti-Illimani
Label: Warner Italy
Image of Haralambos
Artist: Bexar Bexar
Label: Western Vinyl
Image of Global Dancefloor: A Collection Global Dance
Artist: Six Degrees Collection
Label: Six Degrees
Image of Melos
Artist: Tsabropoulos/Lechner/Gandhi
Label: ECM
Image of Heaven's Dust
Artist: Ekova
Label: Six Degrees
Image of L Eixample
Artist: Near the Parenthesis
Label: N5md

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