January 17, 2008

Unheard Cuts and Selected Speeches

Unheard Cuts

» "You Gotta Be For Something " (mp3, 5:46)

» "The Only Bird Surgeon " (mp3, 1:50)

» "The Human Effect in the Natural World " (mp3, 4:37)

» "The Bible as an Ecologic Handbook " (mp3, 7:19)

» "Seeing the Marriage of Science and Religion " (mp3, 3:44)

» "Working Towards Saving the Creation " (mp3, 3:08)

Selected Speeches

During the course of research, we attend conferences and lectures to discover interesting voices for the program. Listen to two speeches given in September 2006: author Bill McKibben on people's responsibility to God's Creation and Calvin DeWitt on Christianity and the environment.

In September 2006, Calvin DeWitt was a keynote speaker at "Pristine Harmony: A Conference on Christianity & the Environment" that was sponsored by The MacLaurin Institute at the University of Minnesota. Here are four excerpts from his address.

» "Two Engineering Views of the Earth " (mp3, 6:21)
DeWitt describes his experience with the 2002 Global Climate Change forum he co-organized with physicist Sir John Houghton of the UK's John Ray Initiative.

» "Citing John Calvin" (mp3, 3:26)
DeWitt reads a 1554 commentary from John Calvin in illustration of Genesis 2:15 and the concept of ecological service.

» "A New Revolution" (mp3, 5:24)
DeWitt gives global examples of what he sees as the new industrial revolution.

» "Muir's Scriptural Understanding" (mp3, 6:42)
DeWitt speaks about the biblical perspective of naturalist John Muir. He believes Muir's understanding of scripture is not realized in the psyche of the modern world.

Author Bill McKibben spoke at a 2006 conference at Bethel University titled "Journalism Through the Eyes of Faith: Negotiating Values, Fairness, and Advocacy."

» "A Responsibility to God's Creation" (mp3, 34:00)
McKibben relates his interpretation of biblical teachings and scientific data on climate change to point out how people — and especially journalists — have to understand and fulfill their duty to protect the environment.

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is a professor at the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies of the University of Wisconsin at Madison. His books include Earth-Wise: A Biblical Response to Environmental Issues.